About Me

I’ve been there…

I grew up playing competitive youth soccer in the Washington DC metro area and played Division I collegiate soccer at Columbia University in New York. Experiencing significant performance anxiety during my playing career but lacking the awareness to know what was happening has led me to help other athletes who struggle with the mental part of the game.

In my role as a Sport Psychology professor at Mars Hill University, I practice how to teach these mental training techniques in an accessible way so that the athletes I work with can understand and implement them. In addition to being a mental performance coach and professor, I am a licensed therapist. I understand people, how pressure affects each person differently, and how to help people overcome their obstacles and be successful. 

I have worked with athletes from a variety of sports to help them overcome their mental barriers – soccer, cross country, golf, baseball, tennis, and track to name a few. My clients also include outdoor adventure athletes, such as kayakers, downhill mountain bikers and long distance trail hikers. From middle school competitors to professional athletes, I help athletes of all ages and across all level of competition.

As a parent of two adolescent, competitive athletes, I understand how rewarding and challenging the role of a parent can be. I have coached my kids, cheered from the sideline, helped them decide which sports to pursue, supported them when they’re frustrated, and nudged them when they lose motivation. It is endlessly complicated and amazing all at once.


I believe that sports help us become who we are.

That’s why I help athletes discover what drives them and what holds them back,

so that they can overcome their internal challenges and  become the player & person they want to be.