Unleash your Inner-Champion

Overcoming Negative Self-Talk for Athletes

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Are you...

Tired of your inner-critic getting the best of you?

Ready to embrace the challenge of pressure and expectation rather than trying to avoid it?

Motivated to take control of your mindset so you can excel in the big moments?

 Unleash your Inner Champion: Overcoming Negative Self Talk Online Course teaches athletes strategies to effectively manage their negative self-talk so that they can play with freedom and confidence. Through videos, slides, exercises and at-home practices, participants will be invited to examine their own critic(s), learn practices to tame them, and create an 3-Step Action Plan to manage defeating thoughts that arise before, during, or after competition.

Go from Self-Critical to Self-Confident

You used to play with confidence and freedom, taking risks instead of trying not to mess up.

But now you…


Worry about making mistakes before they happen and then focus on them long afterwards.


Notice your inner-critic taking over before, during, or after competitions and aren’t sure how to rein it in.


Struggle with confidence in big moments.


Feel like an imposter – as if everyone else is talented and confident and you are just an outsider trying to keep up.


Hunch your shoulders, get quiet and become more passive when you make a mistake, fearful of making another one.


Wonder why your inner critic seems so much louder and more constant than anyone else’s.

It’s time to take control of your mindset and play with conviction.

Train your mind like you train your body.


“Most coaches consider sport to be at least 50% mental when competing against an opponent of similar ability, and certain sports (e.g. golf, tennis, and figure skating) are consistently viewed as 80% to 90% mental.” (Weinberg & Gould 2015)

In this course you will learn how to:

Understand your inner critic & learn to work with it

Embrace the challenges of pressure and expectation

Go for it instead of playing it safe during competition

Empower your inner coach

Manage negative self-talk so it's less distracting

Take control of your mindset

I was in your shoes…

My name is Andrew Bednarzik, and I understand firsthand the pressures of competitive sports. I grew up playing high level club soccer and played Division I collegiate soccer at Columbia University in New York. As a Sports Psychology professor at Mars Hill University and a mental performance coach, I understand the psychology behind mental training techniques as well as how to teach them in a way that is easy to understand and apply. I have worked with athletes of all kinds to help them overcome the mental barriers that are holding them back – team sports, such as baseball, soccer and basketball, and individual sports, such as cross country, track, and mountain biking.

Andrew Bednarzik Sports Psychology Counselor

Are you tired of your inner-critic getting the best of you?

Are you ready to embrace the challenges of pressure & expectation?

Do you want to take control of your mindset so you can excel in big moments?

Then this course is for you!


"But....," you might be saying,

"I've tried a few mental techniques like deep breathing and visualizations, but they don't work for me."

Many athletes have dabbled in mental training at one time or another. Having a trained professional teach you these techniques and provide a plan for how to implement them is much more effective than trying to teach yourself. It’s the difference between teaching yourself how to shoot a basketball and having a coach work with you. It’s not that the teaching yourself can’t work but a coach’s guidance is going to be significantly more effective. 

“My coaches and teammates don’t buy into all this mental training stuff.”

You know yourself better than anyone else, including what you struggle with. This process is for you. What everyone else says or thinks is irrelevant. Let your play and demeanor speak for itself. If you choose to share about it, feel free, but that’s your decision.

"I’m already so busy, I don’t have time for one more commitment."

I believe that you are busy. You put so much time into your physical training, now it’s time to invest in the mental side of your game. Taking the time to do this work will be a game changer. The good news is this course is brief and easy to implement. The ongoing practice is important but doesn’t need to take a lot of time. 

“I can’t help thinking about making mistakes! I just get ‘in my head’ when things start to go badly.”

Most athletes experience negative thoughts before, during and after competitions. Trying to not think about it or attempting to block out negative thoughts doesn’t tend to work consistently.  Negative thoughts are not the issue, it’s your response to them that causes problems. My approach will help you manage your your negative self-talk effectively so that you can enjoy your sport and enhance your performance.

What You'll Receive:

  • Self-paced, online course for competitive athletes who want to learn how to overcome the detrimental effects of negative self-talk
  • Video lessons taught by Mental Performance Coach and Sport Psychology Professor, Andrew Bednarzik, MA, LCMHC
  • Supplementary worksheets and activities
  • The template for a 3 step approach to overcoming negative self-talk that I will guide you through creating. 
  • An action plan to take the strategies you learn and apply them to your sport.

“I’m a coach or the parent of an athlete.

Is this course a good fit for me?”

YES! Coaches, parents and anyone else working with athletes directly (athletic trainers, physical therapists, etc.) will benefit from taking this course. You can apply it directly to your own life or help the athletes that you support by teaching them the tools you’ll learn in the course.